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web design trends for 2015

Web Design in 2015

2015 is nearly here, and it is a great time to take a look at the newest trends of web designing that will dominate the New Year. 2014 was all about getting rid of the unwanted and focusing on design that would increase the number of visitors and result in lead conversion. The focus was on simplicity, speed and to the point. This does not seem to be changing a whole lot in 2015. The websites will continue to be simplified, and the focus will remain on what makes the user interact with the content on page.

Following are a few trends that you would want to keep a check on in 2015:
1. Responsive web design
This should not be a surprise. Responsive web designing has been on the list for the past couple of years. It has come to the point where if your site is not responsive, then you need to redesign it. You will need to fit it into your marketing budget one way or the other, as without it you will lose on a lot.

Websites are not just going to be viewed on tablets, phones and desktops in 2015. It will also be viewed on TVs, smart watches, home appliances, cars, etc. Basically, the number of devices that will be used to view websites will be a lot more than 2014, which implies that in the absence of a responsive website you will lose on a major chunk of the market.
Even if you already have your website responsive, you might still need to make some adjustments for smart watches. The responsive navigation structure will need to change. You will find many of the solutions coming your way by the end of the year.

2. Flat Design
The benefits of flat design and conversions are many. This is a trend that will not disappear in 2015. It was easily a big hit in 2014 and is going to gain more momentum in the New Year. As flat designs have a minimalist approach, it makes the site appear content focused and clutter free. They are less chunky and a lot easier for web servers to deliver to devices like tablets and mobile phones. It is the perfect relationship between a function and form.

3. Scrolling
It has become more desirable than clicking. Visitors like to access all the information in the very first page. There have been many websites that have lengthened their homepages, and this is only going to increase in 2015. Scrolling down has become intuitive for visitors and it facilitates dynamic interactions between the visitor and the site. It is a very mobile friendly feature, as mobile users don’t like to click through a number of pages to find the information they are looking for. This certainly does not mean that websites should have only one page, but adding more information to your homepage will make your site more appealing to your user base.

4. Ghost Buttons
Ghost buttons are classy. They are attractive, minimal and most of the times incorporate a subtle hover animation. The best of them can make any designer faint. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are a great tool to implement call to action over the top of a video or a large image.

There will be many other new things that will come up in 2015, but the trends mentioned above are certainly going to gain more momentum. It will help to make your web team aware of these trends, so they can start implementing them right away. These features might look very futuristic, but as more users see them, they will expect each and every site to offer the same experience.


Is My Website SEO Friendly?

Building a website that is visually stunning is not enough to ensure effective online presence. Just by creating a website you cannot expect people to come and connect with you online. In order to reach your target market, you’ll need to make your website search engine friendly. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which you can increase your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. There are always things you can do to make your site’s design and content comply with the various parameters of search engines.
Following are some tips that can help you determine if your website is SEO friendly or not:
1. Is the URL structure of your website SEO friendly?
Meaningful URLs are the best when it comes to search engines. Generally, the search engines do not use human beings to index the websites; it is done by an automated process. Therefore, it really helps if your content makes sense to the search engines, starting from the structure of URLs.
There are many who are at a disadvantage from the very beginning by using popular content management systems like WordPress and hanging on to the default settings for URL generation. For example, by default, WordPress might choose the following link for a page: This URL will not only make no sense to search engine spiders but will also make little sense to humans.
A better URL would be: You can easily change the settings in content management systems to create meaningful URLs.
2. Does my site include relevant keywords?
Keywords are the most important part of any SEO operation. Google will not be able to find a website that fails to add relevant keywords in the content of your website.
You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find keywords that are relevant to your website. It will give you an idea of the phrases that people are using to search for similar information or product, along with an insight into how stiff the competition to get your site ranked for those keywords is.
3. Are the images on my site optimized?
Most site owners pay a lot of attention to the text content of the website but pay little attention to images; however, Google does pay attention to images while determining a site’s position in the search engine.
By keeping the size of your images small, you will greatly reduce the time your site takes to load; this will increase the performance of your site. The fact that Google mentions site health in AdSense indicates that the performance of a site plays an important role. Also, don’t forget to include a keyword in the description of the image. It will help search engine spiders find the images content. It will also help the visually impaired who use a screen reading software.
Additionally you can also ensure that your site is integrated with social media platforms; especially Google plus. Even though Google plus might not be the most popular social media platform, it does give an additional advantage to sites that share on their platform.
The information shared above is surely a great starting point to making your site more SEO friendly.


Are Web Design Companies No Longer Needed?

There are a variety of options that one can find nowadays to build a quick website. But just because you can create a website easily does not mean that it is a good website. There are a number of things that need to be taken care of to make the online presence of your business effective. Easy to build websites are made by keeping in view the very basic requirements; they do not cater to the specific needs of any business.
Your website introduces your business to the online world. There are many who will only see your website and not the physical location of your business. Without a well-designed site you will not be able to add credibility to your online business. Web users are a lot more sophisticated nowadays, and they will only do business with companies that have a strong professional outlook. The most effective way of showcasing the credibility of your business to your online customers is having an easy to navigate and a clean looking website.
There is a lot that goes into a professionally designed site. Each and every web page needs to be designed in a way that the content can be read effectively. The information shared on your website should be able to make your potential customers quickly recognize the opportunity they have from you.
Remember that the average visitor to your website only reads about 30% of the content shared on the page, so using good headings, bullet lists, proper spacing and text formatting will go a long way in keeping your potential customer interested. You will need to create a unique brand identity, and convey a very clear message that’s followed by an effective call to action.
Keeping in view the various devices that potential customers use to access your website, you will need to ensure that your site is fully accessible on all platforms; this includes desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices. For this you will need to make your website mobile optimized or responsive. This will allow your potential customers to read through information shared on each and every page of your website without needing to zoom in or zoom out.
Keep in mind that your website will be the most visible extension of your business. It could easily be the difference between closing a deal with your potential client or not. In many cases, before a customer interacts with you, he or she would have visited your website to gather information. A major portion of your marketing activity should be focused towards making your website impactful. This is the main reason why quick and easy websites will not be able to fulfill all the requirements of your online business. Only with the help of a good web design company will you be able to do make a good impression online.
A good web design company will be able to create a website that fully meets your requirements and is flexible enough to cater to the future developments of your business. The requirements of each and every business change every time the business grows or when the expectations of the market change. Quick and easy to use website templates might look very appealing in the beginning but will become obsolete in the long run. If you are serious about your online business then invest in a good website with the help of a professional web design company before reaching a dead-end. This is why web design companies will always be needed.

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    SEO in 2015

    Gone are the days when SEO was all about stuffing keywords into the home page text to earn the top spot on Google. Search engines have evolved tremendously and majority of the age-old fast result achieving SEO practices have become obsolete.
    In 2014, with the new Panda updates, low quality content was severely penalized. The Pigeon update improved local search results. The HTTPS/SSL update improved the credibility of secure sites. However, with 2015 right around the corner, it becomes highly important for all SEO agencies to find the most up-to-date SEO techniques. If you fully understand how search engines work, you’ll know that it’s pretty simple. Following are some tips that will help you identify what matters the most in SEO in   
    High quality content: Consistently creating high-quality content has always worked for promoting a business online. It is not important just from SEO perspective, but also from your business point of view. Google is constantly trying to detect original and well-written content. It rewards consistent quality content creation, as it proves that the business is genuinely becoming a part of the intranet dialogue. High quality content is also appreciated by visitors, which results in social sharing and greater engagement, which will be factors that affect ranking in 2015.
    Organic link building: Perhaps the biggest changes in search engine optimization during the past five years has revolved around one the thing – which is stopping people from manipulating the link-based algorithm of Google. And while linking still remains important, the best way to get them is to share high-quality content with webmasters, journalists and bloggers, who will willfully link to your site. It is no longer about gaining links by any method possible, it’s about earning it.
    Use of +1: Using the social sharing icons to encourage visitors to share your site’s content is highly beneficial; however, there is one social media platform, which if emphasized will pay high dividends. This platform is Google+. None of the social media platforms influence Google’s algorithm, except for YouTube and Google+; the reason for which is obvious.
    An engaging website: It’s true that Google has been deflecting from the idea that they consider sites that people regularly visit and stay on for a long time, for example Yelp, Wikipedia and Amazon; however, evidence is starting to show that Google is beginning to consider these factors.
    Quick loading and secure websites: Tens of millions of dollars are spent by Google to make its search results appear a hundredth of a second faster to its users. Being a company that cares so much about speed, it will certainly favor sites that serve its pages rapidly. Google also works hard towards keeping its users safe from hacked websites; therefore, sites that are encrypted will also have an advantage.
    Even though there many more ways to obtain better rankings, many of them are not worth focusing on, as they offer only a small incremental effect. The criteria mentioned above are highly effective, and if used will surely make your online presence more dominant in 2015.

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